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Karen Stanton – Mixed Media Art

Artbeat is excited to present the recent Mixed Media art works of  Karen Stanton.

Karen Stanton - Mixed Media Art - Please Help Save Galgo

Stanton is a children’s book illustrator/author, artist and educator.  Stanton recently returned from Valencia, Spain where she lived with her family for several years.


Her recent works are influenced by her travels — the color choices, found print materials and layout.  Stanton’s art depicts the creatures she finds – pets, birds, even people. All presented in colorful compositions.



In the Artist’s words:

My name is Karen Stanton and I am a children’s book author/illustrator and artist who started out as an architect. I have a Master’s degree in Architecture from UC Berkeley where I studied under Christopher Alexander (A Pattern Language). A few years (and a few kids) later, I found that I was much happier applying the principles I had learned in my formal education to the design of smaller things that I could make myself, like paintings, illustrated books and art. No education is ever wasted.

I have three traditionally published children’s books, and I teach visual design/art in a public elementary school and for many years taught Writing and Illustrating Books for Children at City College San Francisco. Right now my husband, son and I are remodeling an old apartment building in Valencia, Spain that was built in the year 1849.

My art is multimedia. I use acrylic paint, gouache, India ink, watercolor, Caran D’ache wax pastels, colored pencil and my favorite part of art making, collage. Since we live part time in Spain, we have done a lot of traveling in Europe and other parts of the world. Wherever I go, I collect paper: a book on the game Go I found in a box on the street in Tokyo, Japan, old notebooks and journals from Paris and Spain, a vintage (and water damaged) “Bobbsey Twins” book I found in a garage sale in Florida, newspapers from Marrakesh and 1945 Spain, a math book from Athens, Greece and of course paper I have come across in my hometown of Oakland, California. I make and teach art for the fun of it. Enjoy.

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