Jane Elliott Fine Prints

Jane Elliott – Fine Prints

We are excited to bring the latest work from Jane Elliott!  Known for her wonderful dioramas, Elliot takes to watercolor to explore nostalgic themes from her past.  Elliott’s watercolor process pushes the paper to it’s limits and so to be presentable, the art is transferred to archival prints.  In the artist’s words…

"Sunrise Bus" by Jane Elliott

“Sunrise Bus” by Jane Elliott

As for my current choice of subject matter.  Ah yes, a little nostalgia for my teen-age days in Southern California. Sneaking off to the beach at midnight – by myself – for a swim. Tinkering with the old blue bus. Going off to the drive-in with a 6-pack of beer and a few friends in the back. I’ve always appreciated the designs and styles of vintage cars and scooters so I’m just enjoying my time painting what I like – There are other things I want to paint and I will – and that will come along soon enough — but for the moment — cars and scooters